Law Enforcement Research Advanced

$150.00 / month

Law Enforcement Research by Crime Fighters offers extensive crime research tools for law enforcement with features like unlimited historical data search, custom alerts including unlimited email alerts and  sms/mms alerts limited to 500 per month, advanced search capabilities, robust reporting, and access to future updates, enhancing crime fighting efficiency.



Law Enforcement Research Advanced – Your Advanced Crime Fighting Tool

At Crime Fighters, we are proud to introduce our flagship product, Law Enforcement Research Advanced, designed specifically for law enforcement professionals and agencies. Our tool empowers you with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge crime research capabilities. Here’s what sets “Law Enforcement Research” apart:

  1. Unlimited Day Search – Comprehensive Historical Data: Dive into over four years of extensive data. Our unlimited day search feature allows you to trace back and analyze historical crime trends, providing valuable insights for current investigations.
  2. Custom Alerts List – Stay Informed and Proactive: Create tailored alerts lists to monitor specific criminal activities or persons of interest. Stay ahead of the curve with real-time email and SMS/MMS alerts, limited to 500 (SMS/MMS) per month, ensuring you receive only the most pertinent information without overwhelming your inbox.
  3. Advanced Search Capabilities – Precision at Your Fingertips: Utilize our advanced search tools to sift through data with precision. Whether you are looking for specific case details, patterns, or connections, our search engine offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.
  4. Robust Reporting – Data-Driven Decisions: Generate comprehensive reports with ease. Our reporting tools help you collate data into actionable insights, assisting in strategic planning and resource allocation.
  5. Access to Future Tools – Continuously Evolving: As a subscriber to Law Enforcement Research, you gain access to not just our current suite of tools but also future updates and innovations. We are committed to continuously evolving our product to meet the dynamic challenges of law enforcement work.

Law Enforcement Research is more than a tool; it’s a partnership in your mission to fight crime. Embrace the power of data and technology to make your community safer. Join us in our quest to provide cutting-edge solutions for law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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